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Engage directly with applicants, interact with your students and alumni, and organize online events in our app from your phone or computer – this is easy to do in the admin panel with simple and intuitive functionality.
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Accurate user engagement statistics and useful features
In the admin panel, clients can view and analyze important user engagement statistics such as the trends of applicants and students over time, monitor the activity of users who are related to the university by geolocation or participation in events, see where users ultimately ending up enrolling, make personalized notifications within the application, moderate chats and much more.
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An ambassador is usually a student, graduate or employee of a university who knows and loves his school and is ready to be a mentor for applicants and students!
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User Reviews
Выражаю искреннюю благодарность создателям программы!
Было интересно попробовать функции нового приложения и увидеть возможности для абитуриентов со всего мира, поступающих в российские вузы. Это произвело на меня сильное впечатление. Несомненным достоинством приложения является разнообразие форм взаимодействия с Вузами.
Рад, что попробовал приложение и в роли Амбассадора своего университета. Это большая честь. Хочется отметить высокий профессионализм и креативность разработчиков. Приложение удобно использовать, а ещё у него прекрасный дизайн.
Я уверен, что при увеличении количества пользователей и полном заполнении профилей вузов приложение раскроется и покажет все свои полезные функции. Приложение намного облегчит процедуру подачи заявления на обучение в вузы.
Aboubakar YARO
South Ural State University
Hi, I'm Olya, a student from Vietnam who studied at HSE st Petersburg campus. I've got to say, Unistars is a lifesaver for international students. Moving to a new country can be terrifying, but this app makes it exciting. Unistars keeps you connected with your university community and provides up-to-date information effortlessly. Making friends? No problem, it helps you build a network and adapt to campus life seamlessly. If you're studying in Russia, Unistars is a must-have. It's like having a supportive friend, a guide, and an adventure partner all in one app. Highly recommend!
I studied at Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and I wish I had an app like this when I was applying for university. It has lots of useful information about many institutions in one place, like a catalogue. I like that it makes the prospect of studying in Russia much less intimidating.
Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University
I am a medical graduate, which have been using this application as a guide to my university life. The application's core function is to connect universities across Russia seamlessly, and it excels in this regard. Students, faculty, and researchers can effortlessly collaborate with peers and institutions from all corners of the country. Whether you're looking for research partners, participating in cross-institutional projects, or simply engaging in discussions, this app makes it possible with just a few clicks.
Sulfikar Rahila Khan Fazil
This application has connected me directly to students in the universities I want to apply to. I can interact with them, ask questions and expand my circle of friends. Because the students know the process, applying to universities is now one step faster. It makes it easier for me to achieve my academic dreams.
Удобное и лаконичное приложение. Достойный дизайн, удобный интерфейс. Очень полезное приложение 
для студентов, которые хотят учиться 
в России, но не определились 
с университетом.
Peter I. Mendi
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